From Alak Zankar Rinpoche Tudeng Nima

A Loving Bodhisattva

Our friend Gene Smith lived amongst us as an extraordinary person who will be missed by all who had the honor of knowing him.

It was in London, in 1997,  that I met with Gene for the first time.  I was deeply impressed by his vast knowledge and his humble manner.  I was so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with him after I came to the United States.  He impressed me every day in all respects. He had such rigorous scholarship and he worked so hard, even to the neglect of his meals and sleep. He was a true linguist and a master of so many languages; Sanskrit, Tibetan, Arabian, Russian, Mongolian etc. As a Buddhist, he was a working dictionary for all lineages and all traditions.

Gene was like a human computer with limitless knowledge. He was blessed with Manjushri’s wisdom and he shared it without hesitation. In his heart, filled with immense loving kindness, grew the seed of bodhicitta manifesting from Avalokiteshvara. His hands possessed unique competence, empowered by Vajrapani. To everyone who met him, he was a loving Bodhisattva.

Although all of our hearts are heavy with sorrow, his sudden passing should be cause for us to turn grief into strength and our minds to practice. We should continue to follow Gene’s example by living our lives meaningfully and beneficially.

I would like us to gather together to pray for him and I would like us to work continuously to fulfill his life time mission.

Best wishes,
Tudeng Nima

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