Practices dedicated to Gene Smith

Last week  Ms Xiaoyan Wu, requested Khangser bstan pa’i dbang phyug  Rinpoche to pray for Gene Smith.

Ms. Hongxia Sun, Ms. Lixuan Chen, Ms. Fangmin Zhang and some other friends sponsored  and arranged a fish release ceremony, dedicating the merit to Gene Smith.

On Amitabha’s day Ms. Hongxia Sun arranged an accumulation of  200 million of Amitabha’s mantra at Sertha Larung Gar.   Ms. Sun also arranged accumulations of  200 million of Avalokiteshvara‘s six sylable mantras at Sertha Larung Gar during the day of the total eclipse of the moon on the winter solstice

Please inform Gene’s friends and family of this. There is much admiration for Gene Smith in China , where his many friends are in deep mourning for him. Our hearts are all with you .

Secretary to Alak Zenkar RInpoche,

Nicole Fan






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